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Friday, April 5, 2013

Grade 1 Gazette

We had a great week getting back into the routine of things and to top it off, we had some beautiful spring weather today!

Reading and Making Mental Images
As books get harder and have more words, there are fewer pictures on the pages.  As a reader, it is important to make a picture in your head, a mental image, about what is happening in the story.  The picture in your head in formed by the words on the page and your background knowledge, your schema.  This week we read books, but I did not share the pictures with the students.  They had to use the words from the book along with their background knowledge to form a mental image of what was happening in the book.  They made mental images of what a night in the country looked like, what a little boy’s room might look like if he turned it into a forest for his pet salamander, and what a house looked like when everyone was sleeping.  Talk to your child about the mental images they formed in those books but also do it with books that you read at home with them.  Read a few pages without showing them the pictures and then have them describe what they see in their mind. 

Important Dates
On Wednesday, April 17th, we will share our I-Movie projects on our animals with you at the Brown Bag Lunch.  Lunch will begin a little early that day at 11:45.
There is a note about our field trip to Walk About Acres in the folder this week.  Please return it by next Friday, April 12th so we can let Ms. Melissa, in the kitchen, know how many sack lunches we will need that day.

Summer School
If you have not signed up for Summer School, please get your application in to guarantee your spot.  If you need another application, let me know and I can get you one.  Summer School will be here at Two Mile this year in the month of June.

  • Brown Bag Lunch on Wednesday, April 17th at 11:45 am
  • Shakespeare’s Pizza Orders are due on Friday, April 19th
  • Field Trip to Walk About Acres is Tuesday, April 23rd from 10 am – 12 pm
  • Picnic on the Prairie is Sunday, May 5th from 2-4 pm