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Friday, March 22, 2013

Grade 1 Gazette

Whew! This week we completed our book pages that we are publishing and our iMovies! The students did such a wonderful job researching and becoming experts through pictures, books, and the Ipads on their animal or object! We are SO excited for you to see them!  

The children have been detectives! We discovered that to infer means to make an educated guess using clues and their schema (their background knowledge) on something the author usually does not tell. There are so many times we need to infer when we read!  We decided good readers infer to help them make predictions, answer a question they had, form a conclusion, determine how a character is feeling, and to figure out what words mean. The list could go on and on! You will have to use the clues they wrote in our published books to infer what their animal or object is! J

We have been practicing counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s. A fun song you could pull up on YouTube is Whatcha’ Gonna’ Do? (Count by 2s, 5s and 10s) to help practice this at home.

Hope everyone has a wonderful spring break!!

  • No School – Monday, March 25th – March 29th
  • Brown Bag Lunch – Wednesday, April 17th at 11:45
  • Field Trip to Walk Acres – Tuesday, April 23rd from 10am – 2pm
  • Picnic on the Prairie – Sunday, May 5th

Friday, March 15, 2013

Grade 1 Gazette

We had another very productive five day week in first grade!  The kids have been working so hard on their class book pages and their iPad projects.  We are excited to share all of our work with you.  Mark your calendars for Wednesday, April 17th for Brown Bag lunch.  We will share both of these projects with you.  We will start at 11:45 am that day so there is time to share, eat, and just enjoy spending time together.  If you have not ordered a copy of the class book, let us know by Monday. 

We have been working on using our known facts to help us solve more difficult math problems.  We have been pulling out fast tens (3+7, 5+5,etc) and doubles (2+2, 7+7, etc) to help us add bigger numbers more efficiently.  Place value has also been a hot topic.  We know that the 3 in 35 is really 3 tens or 30. 
If we had to solve the problem 35+5, we would want them to see 5+5=10 and 10+30=40.  If they were solving 43+8, we would want them to say 3+8=11 because I know 3+7=10 and 1 more makes 11.  Then they would add 11+40=51. 
It is so important that the students have their fast tens memorized to help them be more efficient with their mathematical thinking.  With your cards at home you can play Tens Go Fish, Total of Ten, and 7-Up to help solidify those fast ten math facts. 

Picnic on the Prairie
The TMP Chili Supper has been rescheduled at Picnic on the Prairie on Sunday, May 5th.  There will be walking tacos, ice cream from Walk About Acres, auction baskets, teacher raffle baskets, AND a band!!  Look for the flyer!

  • NO SCHOOL Monday, March 25th – March 29th – Spring Break
  • Brown Bag Lunch on Wednesday, April 17th at 11:45 am
  • Field Trip to Walk About Acres is Tuesday, April 23rd from 10 am – 12 pm

Friday, March 8, 2013

Grade 1 Gazette

Hello Families!

We are BUSY BUSY BUSY here in first grade!  This week we started a couple of big projects that we’ll be working on for the next few weeks.  Your child has chosen an animal to research and will become our in house expert on.  We need your help!  Ask your child which animal they chose!  Talk with your child about the animal they have chosen and the information they have collected at school.  Any additional information you'd like to gather at home would be wonderful as well. 

You may have already heard your first grader mention that we are publishing our very own book!  It is a wonderful opportunity for your child to take part in publishing a real hardbound book.  We have each chosen an animal to research and each student will have a page in the book dedicated to describing the animal they have researched.  In your child’s Friday folder you will find an order form that allows you to order a copy of the book that we will publish.  Please return this form by Friday, March 15th.  I encourage you to purchase it if you are able to.  I completed this project with students in the past and it is incredibly motivating and engaging for them; they can’t wait to see their page in the hardbound book! 

This week we had the incredible opportunity to use a class set of iPads.  I was so impressed with how quickly students caught on.  We learned how to take pictures and videos using the iPad.  We also learned how to use an app called Educreations and insert pictures from the Internet.  We will be using the iPads for the next few weeks and each student will be making their very own video presenting facts they have learned about the animal they have chosen. 

  • March 14th – Kindergarten Round Up
  • March 25th-29th  No School, Spring Break
  • April 17th – Summer School Enrollment Deadline
  • April 23rd - First grade field trip - More information to come.