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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Grade 1 Gazette

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Thanks for all the donations you are sending in for Pasta for Pennies! The students are so excited about helping out the cause! The box top competition will be going through the month of March. Please continue sending in your box tops!

Note Takers
This week we have been talking about keeping track of our thinking by taking notes! Students have practiced drawing pictures, writing words and summaries on sticky notes, and sharing favorite parts. They know that readers do this to help them remember what they’ve read. In nonfiction, we know to pull out important facts from the text. When reading it a big concept to think about what is most important and what details they should include.  We took notes on a web (graphic organizer) to help us organize our thinking! We will continue to learn how graphic organizers can help us to organize information so that they can be expert researchers for a project coming up in the next couple of weeks! J

Conferences Around the Corner
As we prepare for conferences and grade cards there will not be a newsletter sent out. We look forward to seeing and talking with you at conferences about your child’s progress!  

  • No School on Friday, February 15th – Teacher Workday
  • No School Monday, February 18th – President’s Day
  • Chili Super Saturday, February 23rd 5 to 8
  • No School Friday, March 1st – Conferences
  • Week of February 25th–March 1st – Parent Teacher Conferences

Friday, February 8, 2013

Grade 1 Gazette

Thanks for all of those chili supper donations!  This week we had a wonderful assembly on Friday and heard all about a collection drive called Pasta for Pennies.  Check out information in your child’s Friday folder about how collecting pennies can help us work towards a cure for cancer.

This week in math we finished up our work with counting and grouping things by tens.  These are BIG concepts.  We asked students to help us count things by tens.  We also asked how many groups of ten and how many singles we had after organizing things.  We want students to recognize there are 2 groups of ten and 6 single ones in the number 26.  We also asked questions like “How many more singles we would need to make another group or pack of ten?”.  Having addition facts that equal ten memorized really came in handy for this question.

At home encourage your child to help you organize things into groups of ten.  Ask things like:
  • How many do you have in all?
  • How many more do you need to make another group of ten?
  • How many groups of ten do you have?
  • How many single ones do you have?
  • BIG QUESTION – How many more do you need to make 100 in all?

We will have a Valentines party on Thursday the 14th from 2:45-3:30.  We will pass out Valentines earlier in the day so we will have time to enjoy them.  We’ll also make our own Valentine bags to collect our Valentines in.  If your child would like to bring Valentines please be sure they have one for each child in our class.

  • Valentine’s Day Party is Thursday, February 14th at 2:45 pm 
  • No School on Friday, February 15th – Teacher Workday
  • No School Monday, February 18th – President’s Day
  • Week of February 25th-March 1st - Parent Teacher Conferences 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Grade 1 Gazette

Wow!!  What a week of Missouri weather!  It is hard to believe that February is here.  It is time to start planning for Parent Teacher Conferences at the end of the month.  A note with your time from our last conference in this the folder this week.  Let me know if that time works for you or we need to find a new time.
Today was the deadline for our auction baskets for the PTA Chili Supper.  If you have any last-minute donations, send them in ASAP.  The baskets will be on display in hallway on Valentine’s Day.

As young readers begin reading books with more substance, it is so important for them to talk about what they have read.  There are two parts to comprehension – literal retell and synthesis.  Below are some guiding questions for you to ask your readers as they read with you at home.  You can ask these questions of books that they have read to you and of books you read to them.

Literal Retell
  • Who were the characters in the story?  What happened to them?
  • Where did the story take place?
  • How did the story end?
  • What was the problem in the story?  How was that problem solved?

  • What did you learn from this book?
  •  Name three facts.

  • What did this story make you think of from your life?  Did you make a connection?
  •  What was your favorite part and why?
  •  Would you tell someone else to read this book?  Why or why not?
  • Why did the author write this book?
  •  Do you have any questions about __________?
  •  Would you tell someone else to read this book?  Why or why not?

  • Valentine’s Day Party is Thursday, February 14th at 2:45 pm 
  • No School on Friday, February 15th – Teacher Workday
  • No School Monday, February 18th – President’s Day
  • Week of February 25th-March 1st - Parent Teacher Conferences