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Friday, December 14, 2012

Grade 1 Gazette

What a wonderful job the children did at the holiday program!

Oh, how persuasive first graders can be! In writing this week we have continued on with our persuasive writing unit.  Last week the children wrote persuasive notes to Ms. Raynor asking for things they would like to change about school.  For example, some of the things the children came up with were having longer recess, having more P.E., bringing their pets to school, having a soda shop and having longer lunch.  This week we wrote a list of the things they wanted for Christmas and then they picked the item they wanted the most.  Next they brainstormed all the reasons why they think they should get the item.  They will be writing letters to Santa trying to persuade him. J

We have been discussing eating healthy and keeping a healthy body.  We have been examining food labels, tracking how many fruits and vegetables they eat at lunch and talking about the food groups.  At dinner talk with your child about which of the food groups (fruits, vegetables, protein, grains, dairy or fat) his or her food goes under!

For more information check out choose my plate
  • Classroom Holiday Party is Friday, December 21st at 2:45
  • Winter Break starts Saturday, December 22nd
  • School resumes Thursday, January 3rd
  • PTA meeting Monday, January 7th

Have a fabulous weekend!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Grade 1 Gazette

We are data collectors!!!  This week the students collected data on a topic of their choice.  They wrote their own question and decided how they would record their data.  The question had to have a yes or no answer.  Some inquiring minds wanted to know who likes Ninjago, who likes chocolate ice cream, who likes koalas,  who has their Christmas tree up, etc.  They surveyed their classmates a table at a time.  They only recorded those that said yes or those that said no, not both.  Their biggest task was to find out the missing part – the data that they did not collect.  They did a fabulous job!  They thought about what their whole was (how many students are in our class) and what part they had (how many said yes OR no) to help them figure out the missing part.  This equation was a great visual for them to help remember what they were collecting: part (yes) + part (no) = whole (all the students in our class).  Ask them about their survey!

Brown Bag Lunch
Don’t forget Tuesday is our Brown Bag Lunch!  You can bring lunch in or grab a school lunch.  The kids are so excited to have you come visit!  We hope to see you at 11:55 on Tuesday!

  • Brown Bag Lunch is Tuesday, December 11th at 11:55 in the classroom
  • TMP K-1 Holiday Program is Thursday, December 13th at 7 pm at Parkade Baptist Church – see the note from Mrs. Cox in the folder
  • Classroom Holiday Party is Friday, December 21st at 2:45 pm

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Jackson, Ms. Phipps, and Mrs. Russo